Procurement Audit

Our risk strategies for cost, time schedule, and technical areas assure that potential problems are identified early and risk-handling activities are planned and executed to ensure the project is on the right course.

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Sector Reforms

Public sector reforms in budget planning, procurement, and monitoring. Public expenditure reviews using public expenditure and financial accountability indicators.

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Financial Consulting

SPA provides financial consulting and transaction advisory services to Clients in the public and private sectors.

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Health Sector

Education Sector

Procurement and Contracts Management

1. Preamble
The courses are based on extensive research on effective training of adult learners in Africa. Because the courses are practical oriented, emphasis is placed on hands-on work. Learners are requested to bring their Laptops, Tablets and iPads loaded with Ms Office software and a calculator.
2. Methods
Based on our research, learners prefer training largely based on the following training methods in order of preference: Discussions, simulations, group work and role-play.
3. Research
About 87% of learners prefer a research session on procurement and contracts management. Thus, each course has a session to discuss research topics, brief on research methods, analysis of data, and report writing. This session is presented in a simple manner to ensure all audience benefit from the lessons learnt.
4. Skills
The training is designed to ensure learners acquire practical skills, with minimal theory. New entrants gain skills on “how to” perform specific tasks in procurement and contracts management. More experienced practitioners update their skills on best practices in carrying out procurement in any African country and emerging markets.

5. Style
The training modules are designed to appeal to all learning styles. The courses cater for learners that prefer concrete experience, observation, reflection, theory, as well as create new learning experiences.

6. Systems
The courses are based on county, national, regional, and international best practices. Learners gain expertise procuring under different procurement systems of Government, Development Banks, and Agencies.

7. Sector
Staffs from all sectors gain valuable skills when attending these programs. They enable practitioners to work in any environment without being restricted to private, public, or development sectors. Thus, the programs broaden chances of upward mobility of practitioners in all sectors.
8. In-house
Each of the courses are available as in-house programs for specific organisations or groups. In which case, the delivery of the programs would be tailored to the client requirement.
9. Evaluation
The learners will evaluate the training program by responding to various aspects of the training. This includes satisfaction with content, instructors, learning environment, materials, and learner groups. A pre and post assessment of the learners will measure the knowledge gained during the training and achievement of the training objectives.
10. Result
The results of these training programs are well trained staffs equipped with practical skills and ready to perform their duties to the required standards. Each participant will get  workbook of practical materials to to refer to at work.

11. Instructors
 A mix of national and international instructors will deliver the course. They hold advanced professional qualifications in procurement and contracts management and over twenty years practice in procurement and contracts management.
12. Award
The successful learners will be issued with a Certificate of Practical Training. Authentication of the certificates is done online using the website
13. Affiliation
The Centre for Advanced Procurement Studies has a professional training license from the Kenya Institute of Supplies Management and is accredited by the National Industrial Training Authority.

Value Added Services


•    Projct Formulation
•    Project Evaluation
•    Sector Reforms
•    Procurement Advisory
•    Procurement Audit
•    Procurement Agent
•    Capacity Building



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